Los Muertos (Unity)


– Level Designer, Content Designer, Event Scripting

For my time in G.P.W. (Games Production Workshop) at the Art Institute of Vancouver, I was part of Team Mariachi, working on the isometric 3rd-person shooter ‘Los Muertos’. As a Content Designer, it was my job in the pre-production phase to plan out interesting set-piece events for the game’s story levels, working alongside the level designers. As we went into the production phase, I took on the duties of a Level Designer to block out, build, mesh, iterate, and polish the game’s first three story levels, referred to as ‘The Bazaar’.




 Circadian Dungeons (GameMaker Studio)


– Co-UX Designer/Scripter, Lead Artist, Content Designer (on-going)

 As part of a three-person team using Game Maker: Studio, I designed and scripted functionality and art in the front-end/options menus, the achievement system, as well as sound and animation functions during gameplay. I was also responsible for checking consistency and polish of art assets, created a sprite sheet for custom level textures, and designed/animated the player character. Moving forward, I am working on cleaning art that was left as placeholder in the build turned in for Game Design Workshop, adding more content (enemies, weapons, items) and making the sense of progression and escalation of difficulty more enjoyable.


Abandoned Mining Facility (Unreal Dev. Kit)


– Level Design, Visual Scripting

 A singleplayer level created in the Unreal Development Kit. The focus of working on this project was to become more familiar with the structure of UDK’s visual scripting suite ‘Kismet’, and understand how functions interact and can attach to one another.





CTF – Toxic Waste (Unreal Dev. Kit)


– Level Design, Visual Scripting


A ‘Capture the Flag’ multiplayer level made in the Unreal Development Kit. The focus in working on this level was on having an open but controlled indoor environment, with many opportunities for combat at varying heights, and with several ways to make or defend against an unexpected flag capture.