UDK – CTF – Toxic Waste


Download Map (Requires UDK)



A ‘Capture the Flag’ multiplayer level made in the Unreal Development Kit. The focus in working on this level was on having an open but controlled indoor environment, with many opportunities for combat at varying heights, and with several ways to make or defend against an unexpected flag capture.

Players on either side have three routes with which they can approach the opposing flag. They may take the quick and direct approach –straight across the central room– swapping vulnerability for mobility; they may head to a long room adjacent to the center of the map and assault the flag room from the sides, or head to the walkways of the central room to get a height advantage over others; they may also approach the aforementioned side room and head into the narrow ‘service ducts’, catching the opposing team by surprise and emerging right near their flag.






The hooks of the level lie within the trenches of acid snaking around the central room, and the elevators located in each team’s flag room. Each elevator is inactive at the beginning of the round, and the controls are guarded by an energy barrier.


UDK 2013-02-18 16-42-33-98.mp4_snapshot_00.19_[2013.03.18_11.27.44]


In order to remove the barrier, players must fight or sneak their way into one of the opposing team’s two spawn rooms and activate a switch inside. The barrier is removed, and the corresponding elevator controls can be damaged (careful, even by their owning team!).

Once the controls are destroyed, the active elevator provides an even faster method of reaching the flag in its room: Stressful for those guarding the flag, but also convenient if the team is about to make a score.




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