About Me


“A persevering work ethic leads to the most memorable content.”

Herbert Schmidt is a Game Designer and graduate of the Art Institute of Vancouver’s ‘Game Art & Design’ program. With a strong aptitude in scripting across several languages including ActionScript 3, Ruby GSS3, and Unreal Kismet, and a solid knowledge of industry standard development tools such as Unity3D, Unreal Dev. Kit, and Gamebryo/Creation Kit, Herbert strives to put forth nothing less than his greatest effort into the game development process.

Not hesitant to lend a helping hand, Herbert often puts extra time into aiding struggling team members, to ensure the development pipeline works efficiently.

A Content Designer by trade, drawing from an arts and music background, Herbert drafts, designs, and implements systems in both analogue and digital games that serve robust, wide-breadth, and rewarding content delivery to the user, and crafts Levels that have both aesthetic and technical depth.