Unity3D – “Los Muertos”

Download Indie3 Build (March 2013)



Los Muertos is an explosive isometric shooter from Team MARIACHI for A.I.V.’s Game Production Workshop project, which pits the player against the ravenous hordes of ‘Calavera’ in a dystopian Mexico. I filled the roles of Content Designer and Level Designer on this project.

I worked alongside a team of sixteen using Unity3D, where I created and maintained Design Documents for 6 of the project’s 9 story levels; the document format was adopted as project standard for LDDs and secondary Content outlines. I designed, built, and iterated on the three ‘Bazaar’ levels, and created reusable C# scripts for animation playback, to allow the other designers to animate events using Unity’s Animation tool without code. I also scripted the reusable ‘item chest’ prefab in C#.