April Update: Post-Graduation Prototyping


This is a prototype for a turn-based strategy game that is slowly in development by a small team of indie developers part time: Daedalus Studios.

Well…a very early iteration of a prototype at that.

The core focus of this first test was to see if we could maintain a smooth frame-rate of 60 fps with the game’s core functions as is, as well as serving as a learning experience for myself on the concept of the A-Star path-finding algorithm and seeing the steps required to implement it within a project.

Both path-finding examples in the video were re-purposed from modules on this A-Star path-finding algorithm. The first, while retaining issues with selecting individual game objects to be moved, maintains its frame-rate with no discernible major drops throughout. The second, while cleaner, shows a slowdown to 30 fps.



This is a prototype for a Point & Click Adventure game a good friend of mine is working on. I took some time to assist with some features in the prototype made in GameMaker, while she builds the game’s Alpha in Flash.

The prototype features a scrolling dialogue text system, the ability to “possess” NPCs and interact with objects in ways you would not be able to otherwise. The player character, who is a ghost, cannot pick up objects in their standard state, so they must control NPCs to pick them up or use them for them before being able to move elsewhere.

The player character’s pathfinding was, after some minor frustration, changed to be implemented as GameMaker’s mp_grid system.

If you’d like to see this game in development, I urge you to check out it’s developer page on FGL:

As well, see the profile of its designer, Kim DaRosa:

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